Black Diamond Capital Partners
Black Diamond Capital Partners
Black Diamond Capital Partners is an investment source, expert in one of the world’s oldest and largest industries - insurance. The industry is undergoing its most significant changes in the United States, where aging baby boomers are triggering new demands and industry-wide growth. National challenges, natural disasters, and heightened national security risks are also reshaping the insurance industry.
Black Diamond Capital Partners FUND I

Black Diamond Capital Partners I fund was founded in 2005 to invest in equity and equity-related securities of private companies engaged in the Insurance Business primarily within the United States and Bermuda. The fund has $72 million in total capital commitment, raised through several key strategic relationships of Black Diamond Capital Partners with larger equity funds and institutional investors.

The Fund’s primary objective is to earn attractive rates of return by focusing on investment opportunities in the insurance industry that utilize the Principals’ deep industry knowledge, operating expertise, numerous relationships, and experience using various financial and insurance instruments to mitigate downside risks. The Fund places a particular emphasis on those investments that Black Diamond believes have significant potential for capital appreciation relative to their downside risk. These investment opportunities may arise in areas that have fallen out of favor with the general investment community, lines of business that have experienced poor results, but are now undergoing fundamental change, or in companies that need management assistance, capital infusions or need to re-focus their strategic direction.

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